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Cat5e Cabling

What is Cat5e

Cat5e was ratified as a standard in 1999. Designed to provide full duplex data transmission to 1Gb/sec.


This is our most requested and cost efficient infrastructure solution. Along with an enhanced network "backbone", Cat5e will provide a high level of performance to the desktop for the forseable future.

Case Study

Cat5e Installation - Poole

Princecroft Willis - Poole, Dorset

Chartered Accountants and Business advisers - Princecroft Willis are a reputable firm with offices in Poole and the New Forest. Their facility at Towngate House required cabling over 4 floors to support thair Data and VOIP requirements. Ideally suited for Cat5e solution, Lightpulse provided a robust infrastructure and worked closely with the customers IT in providing assistance with the design functionality of their network.



Excerpt from email to Lightpulse

"....Please thank Kalvyn for taking care of the problem we had with the parimeter trunking, his solution was quite ingeneous and looks great!..."


Mark Johns


Princecroft Willis



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