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Cat6 Cabling

What is Cat6?

Cat6 was ratified as a standard in 2002. Designed to replace Cat5e as the industry standard, a reliable and robust solution for Gigabit performance.

A common choice providing security and reliability! Along with an enhanced network "backbone", Cat6 will provide a high level of performance to the desktop for the forseable future.

"What is the difference between Cat5e and Cat6?"

This is a commonly asked question, and the simple answer is - Both standards support Gigabit performance. However, Cat6 is the standard of choice for those who require additional peace of mind - You could say it is the "luxury" option! More "headroom" means that Cat6 is less susceptible to performance loss over time and the possibility of "Crosstalk" is reduced.


Cat6 and Cat6a are subject to more stringent installation practices than Cat5e! Along with higher materials costs they are the more expensive option.

Case Study

Cat6 Installation - Hampshire


Vohkus is a technology company based in Southampton. As a highly regarded provider of business IT and security services, the company is ideally suited for a Cat6 installation - Vohkus is heavily relient on high bandwidth and stern infrastructure -  Therefore electing for the added security and performance of a Cat6 solution. In partnership with the Office Design Team, Lightpulse provided design and installation of a Low Smoke ca6 solution over 2 floors and adjacent warehouse. Data, Wifi, Door access and CCTV.



"...We now work with Lightpulse on a frequent basis as our needs are constantly changing or being added to! - Our config room needs to be adapted to suit each individual customers needs..."


Kenny Loveridge



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