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Flexible Installation Scheme

In March 2009 Lightpulse launched its Flexible Installation Scheme for the education market. This service was introduced to provide schools and college's with a realistic option to carry out installation works during term time whilst alleviating the problems normally associated with trying to carry out potentially disruptive works during term time.

The scheme allows the  disruptive elements of any installation to be carried out outside of teaching hours. We identify tasks that are likely to cause disturbance during the working day and schedule these to be carried out after school and into the evening. This means that schools and colleges can carry out works throughout the year without the fear of disruption, whilst also lifting the restrictions of only being able to undergo development during holiday periods.

In many cases there is very little cost difference between a normal installation and one carried out under our Flexible Installation Scheme. For more information on this service and to see if your establishment meets the criteria for the scheme please contact our edunet team via

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