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In today's environment almost every aspect of our working lives relies upon IT, and the Education sector is no exception. Without a reliable and robust ICT resource everyday tasks can become frustrating and time consuming. This is where a Lightpulse Network Health Check can be useful.

The differences between educational and regular corporate networks are vast, but  are often overlooked. As an Education provider Lightpulse understand that the demand put upon the network infrastructure in a school or college is far greater than that of a normal commercial network. In the commercial environment network dependant tasks are carried out at varied times across the working day, meaning that demand for network bandwidth remains fairly static. However, in education network dependent tasks are carried out at the same time on a repeat basis. For example, all students log on at the same time (lesson start), everybody saves their work at the same time and all users  log off at the same time. This pattern places huge demand upon the network infrastructure, and can cause major performance problems.

The Lightpulse team have in depth understanding of educational networks and the way in which they operate. Our health check service is designed to provide detailed information about the existing network configuration, highlight any potential problem areas and recommend changes that could be implemented to improve performance. Our service can be tailored to your exact requirements providing you with the  amount detail and information that you require. For further information on this service please contact our team via

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